CV115 - Robert Walker — Entrevue réalisée par James D. Campbell
CV115 - Robert Walker — Entrevue réalisée par James D. Campbell

CV115 - Robert Walker — Interview by James D. Campbell

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Ciel variable 115 - The March of the World (Summer 2020)
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Robert Walker

Griffintown / Evolving Montreal

Interview by James D. Campbell

Robert Walker, atowering figure in colour street photography, shares his secrets in the wake of producing a series, upon the invitation of the McCord Museum, on the Griffintown neighbourhood. Walker discusses urban development, following upon the “Evolving Montreal” theme proposed by the museum:“My only relationship with Griffintown was driving down Mountain Street to get to a Costco or a rare visit to see my friends John Hewardand Sylvia Safdie.” His gaze, free of emotional ties, uncovered “a beehive of colourful construction activity, with all the pictorial elements that I crave to compose my pictures.” Walker, who grew up in the working-class district of Hochelaga – “the Pittsburgh of the North,” as he recalls – approached the project “without any hidden political agenda.” If a critical tone shows through, it’s because “the photographs speak for themselves.”


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Bibliographical Reference

James D. Campbell, « Robert Walker, Griffintown / Montréal en mutation »,  Ciel variable, no 115, « La marche du monde », Montréal, 2020, p. 95-98.

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